Especially for automobiles very high standards of reliability, safety and service life are essential. Our commitment to quality, from research and development through the entire production process to logistics and customer service, was confirmed by a successful QM audit performed and certified


ISO 9001

ISO TS 1694



Fracture Splitting technology



بیست و هفتمین سالگرد تاسیس رزمیاران

Laboratory & calibration Dep

  SIR Co. maintains highest quality standards with regards to requirement of different parameters for different components. This is assisted by full-fledged facilities available at manufacturing plant.the laboratory was established in the place with the space of 145m2 in 2003 with the aim of supporting all production lines and all departments of Research Development ,Production-engineering and Quality Control and was succeeded to get confirmation of SAPCO Method Dep. In 2008.This department have mighty and good experienced experts and also have 3 parts as follows:


A. Calibration Laboratory:

This laboratory equipped with Automatic Temperature control system are able to adjust the temperature to 20±1° C. In calibration laboratory ,there is precise measurement equipment with the accuracy of 0.0001mm that applied for dimensional calibration with the accuracy 0.001mm .Also ,other capabilities related to the lab is Hydraulic and pneumatic indicator calibration in the scope of 0-100 Bar.

 B. Metrology Lab:

 This lab is equipped with very precise measurement systems as follows:

-CMM 3-DIMENSIONAL Measurement Machine ,manufactured by Germany Wenzel co. with the measuring scale of 1000*800*700mm and severability of 0.00001mm with the calibration certificate from Mehr engineering co.

-Digimar Altimeter ,manufactured by Germany MAHR Co. has measuring scale of 0-600mm and severability of 0.0001mm with the calibration certificate from LAKSAR Engineering Co. .

-Digital Profile Projector ,manufactured by England STARRET Co. with the measuring scope of 250*150mm with the severability of 0.001mm and also calibration certificate of LAKSAR Engineering Co. .

-Rough Meter Equipment according to CNOMO,ISO STANDARDS.

C. Metallography & Mechanical Tests Laboratory:

 This laboratory is equipped with:

-Traction or Strenght Test Machine(15tons) ,manufactured by SANTAM Co. for test of mechanical strength.

-Metal Solidity Measuring Machine ,according to ASTM standard with the way of Rockwell,Vickers & Brinell.

-Metallography Equipments ,manufactured by Turkey Metkon Co. including Microscope Cutter,Mount & Polish set with the capability of mounting parts with 30mm diameter.

-MP Magnetism Crack-found Machine,with the capabilility of finding crack up to depth of 3mm.